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PolicyTool is a new approach to drafting policies for your website or software project.

Simply answer a series of simple questions developed by technology lawyer David Canton of e-Legal and instantly generate a draft policy customized to your business. PolicyTool policies provide a comprehensive and informed framework for your legal counsel to quickly create a binding policy.

PolicyTool for privacy
is available now.

The Internet has transformed how companies do business and communicate with their customers. Collecting information from site visitors is common online, however, now more than ever it’s important to provide a policy that ensures your customer’s privacy is respected.

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PolicyTool for social media
is available now.

Social media is transforming how companies market themselves and communicate with their customers. Now that the borders between personal and professional interaction are blurring it's more important than ever to provide guidelines to ensure that the needs of both your employees and business are respected.

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The Team

PolicyTool has been developed by rtraction together with David Canton, technology lawyer and e-legal blogger.

Legal Perspective provided by technology and patent lawyer David Canton. Website design and web development provided by rtraction.

    • Generate policies customized to your needs
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use - get your policy instantly
    • PolicyTool for Social Media available now free!
    • For commercial or personal use
    • Save money - draft policy gives legal a head-start
    • Additional PolicyTool modules in development